August 2012



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Apr. 12th, 2010

Read more, less TV

Shows that I have given up this season

Castle )

Chuck )

Flash Forward )

Life Unexpected )

The Mentalist )

Shear Genius )

Survivor )

The Vampire Diaries )

Shows that I'm behind on

Damages )

Fringe )

Legend of the Seeker )

Shows that I'm up to speed on

The Amazing Race )

Bones )

Community )

Criminal Minds )

The Good Wife )


Parks & Recreation )

The Buffy comics fandom revival has made me want to talk about Buffy again. But not the comics. )

On a final note: Dreamhost moved my site to a new server this morning with hardly any notice, and while the only difference I've noticed has been that it's become much zippier, there may be issues somewhere that I'm not finding. If you see something amiss, can you let me know (this goes double for you, [info]bellanut and [info]typicrobots)?

Mar. 4th, 2010

Oh Buffy...

So, the Buffy comics are sure cracktastic, huh? )

Fandom Steel Cage Match is giving me ulcers, even just in the prelims. And it seems like I've become disproportionally invested in races where I don't even watch the show! (GO, CHLOE, GO! Don't let those sockpuppet journals beat you!). And so many others are so close that I'll be biting my nails until [info]typicrobots closes the poll.

I'm also pretty heavily invested in the Sci-Fi side of things, with at least three out of my dream!dream final four coming from that bracket. But in the real world, my dream final four would probably be Aeryn, Lorelai Gilmore, Chandler and Pacey duking it out. Or Buffy, Bones, Jon Stewart and Pacey. (Because no one beats Pacey in the Teen bracket, I've decided. Right now. Talk to me in an hour and I might be telling a different story.)