August 2012



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Aug. 16th, 2012


So, I got back from Tenerife about three weeks ago, but I've been putting off posting because I wanted to post some images and my Photoshop is completely shot (and my computer isn't far behind). Of course, since I just bought a new couch, I can't afford a new computer and the accompanying Photoshop until next month at the earliest. So screw it! Unedited photos it is! )

On vacation, I read nine books (I think. Most of them were my reread of Harry Potter), watched seven seasons of television (Lost Girl season 2, which I loved, Teen Wolf season 1 and some of season 2, which I'm extremely meh about and which I haven't even bothered to catch up on since I came back, The Walking Dead season 1, which actually started to get interesting towards the end and which I will catch up on...some day, 10 Things I Hate About You, which I enjoyed okay, but I wish they had focused less on Bianca, who bored me, as well as three seasons of Design Star), and managed to burn myself on the very last day. How I managed to burn myself on the last day when I didn't burn myself at all in the three previous weeks I'll never know, but burn myself I did.

When I got back I spent the rest of my vacation catching up on TV:

Bunheads )

The Newsroom )

Suits )

Rookie Blue )

I also watched Leverage season 4 (seriously, the only reasons to watch this show are Hardison-Parker-Eliot. The others could go in the wood chipper for all I care) and The Closer season 7 (which ended well, I think. I tried the first episode of Major Crimes, but it could barely hold my attention.)

Actually, I've watched a ton of other stuff, but I'm already bored typing out my vague thoughts about things. What I need is a freakin' 'ship to obsess about! Does anything this fall look promising?

Oh hey, did you hear? ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT STARTED SHOOTING. Eeeeee, so excited!

Apr. 27th, 2011

Penny can!

I got back from my island vacation a couple of weeks ago, but hiatus doldrums have put the kibosch on my posting anything. Basically, it all boils down to this: What I Did on My Spring Vacation )

I hadn't really been inspired to post until I was emailed the link to this today: Jersey Shore transcripts as read by actors from Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest )

I caught up on my shows in three days, though pretty much the only thing that aired during my absence was a bunch of reality shows. And The Good Wife, for some reason. My reactions, in short:

Top Chef )

Survivor )

Extreme Couponing )

The Amazing Race )

Cougar Town )

I can't believe there's only one more episode of The Good Wife left! And it's not for another two weeks! I watched the preview and OMG! <lj-cut text="Spoil yourself at will.> Peter! Moved to his own apartment! Actual repercussions and Alicia -- *gasp* -- NOT forgiving him for his swinish behavior! It's like Christmas in season finale form! The one thing I feared about the whole Kalinda/Peter thing was that Alicia would put all the blame on Kalinda and forgive Peter again (I hate it when women blame the other woman instead of, you know, THE GUY WHO ACTUALLY MADE PROMISES TO THEM TO STAY FAITHFUL). Of course, with Alicia I can totally understand her having issues with Kalinda now too, but at least in her case it will hopefully be grounded in the fact that Kalinda withheld this vital information that would have impacted her marriage and their friendship. And yet, I can totally see why Kalinda wouldn't say anything. In the beginning there would be no reason. And in a new friendship there is such a thing as too much honesty. I think where Kalinda went wrong was when they whole thing floated up to the surface and instead of facing the music, she tried to bury it even further. Nothing good ever comes of that. I just really hope that Kalinda and Alicia's friendship survives this storm. And that Peter and Alicia's marriage doesn't. </lj-cut>


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