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Apr. 22nd, 2009

Odd number says we walk away now

I meant to post this icon meme over a week ago. Um, oops? MEME! )

The Amazing Race )

Project Runway Canada )

Last Friday, when I was on the way to the subway, A & B Song came on my mp3 player, and I was seized by this unstoppable wave of nostalgia, and I knew I had to start up my Farscape rewatch again (I had just finished season 2 when I took a, six months ago or so). But first I had to rewatch the vid that made me have the Farscape flashback and I'd forgotten something: I think it's all wrong )

Apr. 5th, 2009

I eschew daily updates for mega-long posts no one in their right mind has the patience to read

The personal stuff. )

I joined [info]farscaperewatch, but the one-episode-a-week thing probably won't work for me. I mean, that's almost two years! I'll have rewatched the show a couple of times by then. But I did figure it'll be fun to follow along since I was never in the fandom the first time around. I'll probably pick up my last rewatch where I left off, at the beginning of season 3, instead.

In other TV news:

Dollhouse )

Castle )

Project Runway Canada )

The Amazing Race )

How I Met Your Mother )

Southland )

Everyone and their mother posted about The Sarah Connor Chronicles this weekend, and since I haven't seen a single episode since the season premiere, I thought I'd make that the next show I catch up on.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this icon considering how simple it is. And it's still not right! But I'm past the point of caring. So I uploaded the new stuff to my Scrapbook.