August 2012

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October 29th, 2007

Long Way Down!!!

You know, I thought I might have been building up the anticipation for so long that the actual show would be a letdown, BUT IT TOTALLY WASN'T. So much love that I had to picspam, even though I knew Steph would be doing the same (it's right here, by the way).

So without further ado... )

So, I'm seeing a lot of comments about the new pop-up things. I don't get them because I have the NoScript extension installed (thank you VERY much once again, Firefox), but Teija mentioned how to disable them. I've copy-pasted the info since it's hard to rewrite it when I can't actually go and find out for myself. *g*

You can turn them off if you put up with one and use the little gear icon to mess with the options. You can't just hit 'disable,' it didn't work for me, you actually have to mess with the options. But after that it worked.

I didn't understand a word of that, but maybe those who want to get rid of it can make sense of it? Or just install NoScript or AdBlock.

I'm so freaked out by the news that there actually is going to be another X-Files movie. In spite of hoping, I never really thought they'd go through with it. Now please, just don't suck.