Saint Patrick ☘
05 November 2012 @ 08:24 am
It didn't matter who asked, Patrick would tell anyone the same thing. George was the person he looked up to most in the whole world. George was his hero, his older brother, the person he trusted above any other. He had spent nearly two centuries separated from the man and Patrick had thought about him every single day. When they had reunited, it had been the best day of Patrick's long life. He had vowed then to never lose track of his brother again.

And now George was gone. The letter he left was full of love and kind words, and Patrick wanted to rip it to shreds. He couldn't, because they might be the last words his brother said to him in some time.

People around him left or suffered and died, and Patrick had to fight so hard not to see himself as the only thing connecting them all. His ex, Neil Jones, Joey, George, Clio-

It had been days now, and Patrick just wanted George back. He hadn't left the apartment in case George came back, but he knew he was hoping in vain. George was being tortured by Hell beings, he just knew it. He knew George was strong, but after hearing what Joey had been through-

A sob caught in Patrick's throat and he stood up and shoved everything off of their table, as if that would make him feel better. "I want my fucking brother back!" he screamed to no one and his dog went running to hide under Patrick's bed. "Fuck!"

Later it would strike Patrick that this was exactly what Clio had been saying she would have gone through had it been him, and he would feel ashamed. For now though, he just went to George's room and melodramatically collapsed and cried in George's bed.